Mr. Nick Horn

    April 30, 2013

    This is a very busy time of year and we are pushing towards summer. There are many assignments and events that are upcoming.

    This week we have a few assignments in Reading and our DARE essay that is due on Friday.

    The fundraiser for Mr. Rutterbush and the PE program ends Thursday, May 2nd.

    May 7th is Pine River's McTeacher night at McDonalds's on Eastman form 4-8 pm.

    Wednesday, May 8th is our DARE graduation at Pine River from 1:50-3:00 in the gym. All parents are welcome.

    May 9th we will be traveling to the ROCK youth center.

    May 16th we will be heading to the Middle School for 6th grade orientation.

    Midterms should be sent home at the end of this week or beginning of next week. Please look for them.

    Enjoy the nice Spring weather.

    Mr. Nick Horn

    April 19, 2013

    I apologize for not adding to the Wiki recently.

    Here are some upcoming events.

    Band forms are due back by Monday, April 22nd. We were just given them on Thursday. Please send backed marked "Yes" or "No". If you don't send it back they will contact you.

    Tuesday, April 23rd is going to be a day of tests. Unfortunately 5th grade will have a Math, Social Studies, and a make up Science test. Students have known about the Social Studies test for a week now, so they should have already started to study.

    The Math test will consist of multiplying and dividing decimals. Review pages are 348-349, 374-375. Students should begin reviewing over the weekend. Monday will be a full review day in class.

    The "Count Me In" program will be taking place next Wednesday.

    "Spirit Cup" fundraiser ends May 2nd.

    Please continue to reinforce the importance of sitting down nightly and Reading.

    Your child has a Reading assignment nightly.

    Have a great weekend!

    March 22, 2013

    I have a new policy in Math class that any late assignments that are specific to a chapter will become a "0" after the test is taken. Any late warmups will not be accepted after one week of the due date. Please make sure your student is staying up on their assignments and getting them in on time.

    We are starting a unit on decimal operations and how they connect to fractions.

    Continue to set aside a homework/reading time for your student each night.

    Spring Break begins next Friday and we will be returning on Monday, April 8th.

    March 14, 2013

    Math Test on Tuesday, March 19th. This will be over Chapter 12 (multiplying and dividing fractions and whole numbers). We will begin reviewing on Friday and continue through Monday.

    Continue to encourage your child to set aside to read each night and fill in their Reading Log. Also try and discuss with them what they are reading and what their thoughts are about the book.

    We had a Think Energy program this past Monday. Each student was given a kit to take home and a pamphlet to look through and fill out the back page. Please send this back to school by next Friday. The class gets a grant for participating and this is one of the expectations. Thank you in advance for taking the time.

    March 1st,

    Science Rock Identification Sheet is due Monday March 4th. They have a quiz in Science on March 6th.

    Reading Logs will all be collected on Monday, March 4th.

    Book Talk assignment due March 7. Presentations will take place on the 7th and 8th.

    See attachment at the bottom of the page for outline.

    We will continue to work with multiplication of fractions and whole numbers next week in Math. We may get to division.

    Have a great weekend!

    Feb. 29th

    Math assignment today: Practice 12.1 (1-3, 5-10, 17) 5-10 should be done on the graph paper that I handed out.

    Spelling Assignment: Sort 21 (use 5 words in a poem, 5 words draw a picture with the word, 10 silly sentences) Due Friday.

    Next Friday, March 8th is the last day of the 2nd term. No assignments will be accepted after that date.

    Parents if you are still interested in going to Mystic Lake please let me know ASAP.

    Welcome 5th Grade parents and students!

    I hope you find this helpful to stay connected and maybe answer any questions you have about assignments or about class.

    Download file "Independent Reading Book Talk.doc"