Mr. VanCise's Wiki

    Welcome to my wiki. The purpose of this site is to provide you with as much information as I can during the school year.
    The "Assignments" page is an ongoing document that will provide you with updates on assignments and their due dates. The page will also include, when possible, digital copies of the pages or websites that are associated with the assignment.
    The "Calendar" page is to help students keep track of upcoming events, due dates for larger assignments, and any other events that affect our year.
    The "Internet" page is more for my organization, but it includes any youtube, websites, or other necessary internet addresses for activities during the year.

    The wiki is one of three tools we will be using this year to help keep you informed of our "Happenings". My belief is it is more of an opportunity for verifying information, or a way of seeing what was missed on absent days.

    The three tools we will be using this year are:
    1. Remind 101- Many parents found this to be the most useful organization tool. It is a text messaging service which allows me to quickly send a short list of what assignments your child should have had each evening. Parents like it because it comes right to your phone, wherever you are, and takes only a moment to check. It also helps with the "I don't think we did anything" comment many parents get when they ask if there is homework. :)

    2. Skyward- At this time, my plan for the skyward e-mail is to send one when necessary for any important upcoming events. More as a reminder.

    3. This wiki.