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Keeping kids safe on the bus:
It is the goal of Bullock Creek Transportation to keep all children safe while traveling in our district, which is why all our buses are inspected annually by the Michigan State Police. Our full-time mechanic responds to any problem our drivers might have.

Bus Passes:

If it is necessary for your child to ride a different bus or be dropped off at a different location, the office must have a note from the parent/guardian giving permission. This note should be dated, signed, and include the address and phone number of the destination. If a request is made to the same place over an extended period of time, the student will be issued a permanent bus pass, which needs to be requested only once. Requests for bus passes must be directed to the school office, not to the bus driver. However, in the event the buses are loaded to capacity, passes may be withheld or withdrawn. No bus passes except standing sitter passes will be recognized on the last day of school.
It is very important that bus passes be communicated to the school office early in the school day. The end of the school day can be hectic and it is not possible for us to write bus passes for students after 3:00 p.m. except in cases of emergency.

How safe is the bus?

American children are nearly eight times safer riding in a school bus than riding with their parents and guardians in a car. Bullock Creek buses have logged over 800,000 miles without an incident.

How many buses does Bullock Creek have?

We have 24 buses in our fleet including 2 handicapped equipped buses. We employ 19 full time drivers, 5 part time drivers, 1 full time mechanic, 1 bus aides, and 1 dispatchers.

Do the drivers only take children to school?

Oh, no, we do so much more – band trips, field trips, spring events, camping trips, and special recognition events. Did you know we even transport kids to certain after school programs? That’s right – we drop off kids at The Rock, the West Midland Family Center and Messiah Lutheran Church.

Does Bullock Creek have bus rules?

In keeping with safety issues we do have bus rules. Please click on the link at the bottom of this page to review these with your child. Drivers enforce these rules with the help of each schools principal.

How do I register for the bus to pick up my child?

Each school has a form that must be filled out and approved before a child is entered into the bus system. Because we do have schools of choice a student must be accepted and within a certain area of the county to be picked up.

What if I know my child won’t be on the bus?

Please call the transportation office as soon as you know. The phone number is (989) 832-4015 24 hours a day. We do have voicemail that gets picked up.

Some interesting facts:

On a yearly basis Michigan school buses travel a distance of 7,228 times around the earth or 377 round trips to the moon, or 180 million miles annually.

Approximately 17,000 buses transport students daily in Michigan and that equates to 850,000 students being taken daily to and from school.

The last bus fatality in Michigan occurred in 1989.

Parents should also fill out a BCSD_Transportation_Registration_Form  and either deliver it to the transportation office or mail it in.

Parents and students should also read our bus rules in brief.

Contact Us:

Bullock Creek School District
1420 S. Badour
Midland, MI 48640
Phone: 989.832.4015 or 989.689.3206
Fax: 989.631.2882

Transportation Contact – Shawn Hale hales@bcreek.org

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