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Contacts – Staff Directory

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Building/Department Direct Fax Ext Hours
1420 S. Badour
Midland, MI 48640
989.631.9022 989.631.2882 1600 8:00AM-4:00PM
BC High
1420 S. Badour
Midland, MI 48640
989.631.2340 989.835.5467 1500 7:30AM-3:30PM
BC Middle
644 S. Badour
Midland, MI 48640
989.631.9260 989.698.3248 1400 7:00AM-3:00PM
Floyd Elementary
725 S. Eight Mile
Midland, MI 48640
989.832.2081 989.698.3249 1300 8:00AM-4:00PM
BC Elementary
1037 Poseyville
Midland, MI 48640
989.832.8691 989.832.4014 1100 8:00AM-4:00PM
Pine River Elementary
1894 East Pine River
Midland, MI 48640
989.631.5121 989.832.4017 1200 8:00AM-4:00PM
Transportation/Bus Garage 989.832.4015


989.631.2418 ext. 1622

989.631.2882 1620 5:30AM-9:30AM; 1:30PM-5:30PM
Accounts Payable, Payroll, Benefits 989.631.9022 989.631.2882 1601
Business Services 989.634.9022 989.631.2882 1610
Facilities 989.631.9022 989.631.2882 1625
Nutrition Services 989.631.9022 989.631.2882 1511
Special Services 989.698.3205 989.631.2882 1150
Technology 989.634.9022 989.631.2882 1627

Staff Listing by Last Name

Last First Location Position Email
Abbott Nikki Sub abbottn@bcreek.org
Adamcik Jeffrey BCFL, BCMS Teacher adamcikj@bcreek.org
Alexander Christine BCFL Aide AlexanderC@bcreek.org
Allen Pamela SUBS, BCMS, BCHS Retiree allenp@bcreek.org
Angus Jean BCFL Aide angusj@bcreek.org
Auer Katherine BCEL, BCPR Aide auerk@bcreek.org
Badour Ryan BCHS Principal/Athletic Dir badourr@bcreek.org
Baker Amanda BCFL Secretary bakera@bcreek.org
Barth Aaron BCFL, BCHS Teacher bartha@bcreek.org
Basore James BLGD Custodial basorej@bcreek.org
Belanger Lori BCEL Aide belangerl@bcreek.org
Bennett Raelynn BCHS, BCEL Aide bennettr@bcreek.org
Bickel Deana BCPR, BCHS, BCFL Retiree bickeld@bcreek.org
Bleshenski Stefanie BCFL Teacher bleshenskis@bcreek.org
Bohy Samantha BCHS Athletic Trainer bohys@bcreek.org
Boman Emma BCHS Teacher bomane@bcreek.org
Boman Michael BCFL, BCHS Teacher bomanm@bcreek.org
Boothe Sarah BCPR Teacher boothes@bcreek.org
Bornemann Rochelle BCEL Aide bornemannr@bcreek.org
Bornheimer John BCHS, BCFL, SBUS Substitute bornheimerj@bcreek.org
Borsenik Benjamin BCFL, BCHS Teacher borsenikb@bcreek.org
Bossenberger Josephine BCFL, BCMS, BCHS Teacher bossenbergerj@bcreek.org
Bowen Donna BCFL, BCHS Teacher bowend@bcreek.org
Boyce Jordan BCEL Psychologist boycej@bcreek.org
Brabaw Justine BLGD Sub Other brabawj@bcreek.org
Bradford Debra BCPR Principal bradfordd@bcreek.org
Bradford Doug BCHS Athletic bradfordd1@bcreek.org
Brandt Jason School Resource Officer brandtj@bcreek.org
Brandt Valerie BCFL, BCMS Teacher brandtv@bcreek.org
Bredt Beth BCEL Principal bredtb@bcreek.org
Brege Amy BCMS Clerk bregea@bcreek.org
Brower Megan BCPR Teacher browerm@bcreek.org
Brown Carolyn BCFL Teacher brownc@bcreek.org
Brown David BCFL, BCHS, BCMS Retiree brownd@bcreek.org
Brown Jeffery BLGD Custodial brownj1@bcreek.org
Brown Jennifer BCFL, BCHS Counselor brownj@bcreek.org
Brown Lori BCFL Aide brownl@bcreek.org
Burch Brian BLGD Substitute burchb@bcreek.org
Burlingame Luanne BCHS, BCFL, BCEL, SBUS Bus Driver burlingamel@bcreek.org
Byce Patti BCMS Aide bycep@bcreek.org
Calvert Jacqueline BCFL Teacher calvertj@bcreek.org
Carey Jennifer BCPR, BCFL Teacher careyj@bcreek.org
Cassow Emily BCEL Teacher cassowe@bcreek.org
Chaffin Kristy BCPR, BCFL Teacher chaffinK@bcreek.org
Chartier Dawn BCFL, BCEL Teacher chartierd@bcreek.org
Charville Christine BCPR, BCFL Aide charvillec@bcreek.org
Chritz Timothy SUBS Substitute chritzt@bcreek.org
Clark Kristie BCEL, BCFL Counselor clarkk@bcreek.org
Clark Nick BCPR Aide clarkn@bcreek.org
Clothier Brenda BCPR, SBUS Bus Aide clothierb@bcreek.org
Cook Jill BCFL, BCEL, BCPR Teacher cookj@bcreek.org
Copus Lynette BCHS, SUBS Retiree copusl@bcreek.org
Corp Danielle BCHS Cook corpd@bcreek.org
Crego Lynsey BCFL Teacher cregol@bcreek.org
Czolgosz Melissa BCEL, BCPR, SUBS Sub Other czolgoszm@bcreek.org
Danna Jon BCFL, BCEL, BCMS Teacher dannaj@bcreek.org
Danna Wendy BCFL, BCMS Teacher dannaw@bcreek.org
Davidson Cynthia SUBS, BCHS Substitute davidsonc@bcreek.org
Davidson Roland SBUS Student Helper davidsonr@bcreek.org
Deschenes Joseph BCHS, BCMS, SBUS Bus Driver deschenesj@bcreek.org
Dice Rachel BCPR, BCMS Aide dicer@bcreek.org
Discher Rochelle BCFL, BCHS Teacher discherr@bcreek.org
Dishaw Rodney BCFL Principal dishawr@bcreek.org
Donahue Sarah BCFL, BCEL Aide donahues@bcreek.org
Dopp Misty BCFL, BCEL Teacher doppm@bcreek.org
Doud Susan BCFL, BCHS Teacher douds@bcreek.org
Drake Co-Linda BLGD Custodial drakec@bcreek.org
Drake John SUBS Sub Other drakej@bcreek.org
Dubay Dennis BCFL Aide dubayd@bcreek.org
DuBois Andrea BCFL, BCHS Teacher duboisa@bcreek.org
Dubuque Rebecca BCFL, BCPR Teacher dubuquer@bcreek.org
Duby Timothy BCHS Technology dubyt1@bcreek.org
Duhoski Christina BCFL Teacher duhoskic@bcreek.org
Dunbar Melissa BCEL Sub Other dunbarm@bcreek.org
Eastman April BCEL, BCFL Aide eastmana@bcreek.org
Eastman Lindsi BCFL Aide eastmanl@bcreek.org
Eastman Patricia SUBS Sub Other eastmanp@bcreek.org
Ecker Debra SUBS Sub Other eckerd@bcreek.org
Eickhoff Emily BCFL, BCHS, BCMS Teacher Eickhoffe@bcreek.org
English Sherry FOOD Cook englishs@bcreek.org
Evans Erin BCFL, BCPR, BCEL Teacher evanse@bcreek.org
Fermoyle Jacqueline BCFL, BCHS, BCMS Counselor fermoylej@bcreek.org
Finney Annette BCPR, BCHS Clerk finneya@bcreek.org
Fisher Susan BCHS, BCFL, BCEL Aide fishers@bcreek.org
Fleming Lisa BCFL, BCMS, BCHS Teacher flemingl@bcreek.org
Fleming Marybeth BCEL Aide flemingm@bcreek.org
Florey Marsha BCHS, BCFL, SUBS Retiree floreym@bcreek.org
Foote Carol SUBS, BCHS, BCPR Sub Other footec@bcreek.org
Forbes Jamie BCFL, BCHS Teacher forbesj@bcreek.org
Freeland Justin BCFL, BCHS Teacher freelandj@bcreek.org
Gagne Kimberly BCMS, FOOD Cook gagnek@bcreek.org
Gall Carly BCMS Student Teacher gallc@bcreek.org
Garver Angela BCFL Teacher garvera@bcreek.org
Garwood Erica BCHS/BCPR/BCEL Counseling Intern garwoode@bcreek.org
Gasser Elizabeth BCEL, BCMS Aide gassere@bcreek.org
Gay Melissa BCFL Aide gaym@bcreek.org
Geiling Kevin BLGD Van Driver geilingk@bcreek.org
Gettel Ashley BCPR Teacher gettela@bcreek.org
Gezequel Stephanie BCMS Student Teacher GezequelS@bcreek.org
Glasgow James BCEL Retiree glasgowj@bcreek.org
Glaze Petra BCFL, BCHS, BCMS Teacher glazep@bcreek.org
Gledhill Shelley BCFL, BCEL Teacher gledhills@bcreek.org
Glynn-Dishaw Sara BCPR, BCHS, BCEL, BCFL Substitute glynndishaws@bcreek.org
Gombosi Delbert BCHS, BCFL, SBUS Bus Driver gombosid@bcreek.org
Gonzalez Mark BCFL, BCMS, SBUS Bus Driver gonzalezm@bcreek.org
Gorsuch Todd BCHS Principal gorsucht@bcreek.org
Griffin Heidi BCMS Cook griffinh@bcreek.org
Griggs Cristina BCEL, BCFL, BCPR Teacher griggsc@bcreek.org
Gross Riki BCHS College Advisor grossr@bcreek.org
Habitz Ashley BCFL, BCMS Teacher habitza@bcreek.org
Habitz Mark BCFL, BCMS Teacher habitzm@bcreek.org
Hahn Teresa BCFL, BCMS, BCHS Teacher hahnt@bcreek.org
Hale Shawn BCMS, BCHS Superintendent hales@bcreek.org
Hall Glenna SBUS Bus Aide hallg@bcreek.org
Hall Jessica BCHS, BCFL, SBUS Bus Driver hallj@bcreek.org
Hart Hollee BCPR, BCFL Teacher harth@bcreek.org
Hartley Geraldine BCHS, BCEL, SBUS Bus Driver hartleyg@bcreek.org
Hartnagle Calleen BCHS, BCFL, SBUS Bus Driver hartnaglec@bcreek.org
Heckroth Daniel BLGD Custodial heckrothd@bcreek.org
Hedlund Jennifer BCFL, BCEL Teacher hedlundj@bcreek.org
Hicks Breeanna BCFL Aide hicksb@bcreek.org
Hinson Anne BCFL Substitute hinsona@bcreek.org
Hoefer Nancy BCFL, BCHS Teacher hoefern@bcreek.org
Holt Robin BCHS, SUBS Retiree holtr@bcreek.org
Holzhauer Ashley BCFL, BCPR Teacher holzhauera@bcreek.org
Horn Nicholas BCFL, BCPR Teacher hornn@bcreek.org
Huntoon Evelyn BCHS Aide huntoone@bcreek.org
Jacobs Sean BCFL Aide jacobss@bcreek.org
Jacobson Phyllis BCFL Teacher jacobsonp@bcreek.org
Jean Christi BCEL, BCPR, BCMS, BCHS Secretary jeanc@bcreek.org
Jenkins Steven BCHS, SBUS Bus Driver jenkinss@bcreek.org
Jeske Elaine SUBS Substitute jeskee@bcreek.org
Johnson Deneal BCFL, BCPR Teacher johnsond@bcreek.org
Johnson Grace BCMS Teacher knocheg@bcreek.org
Johnson Lisa FOOD Cook johnsonl@bcreek.org
Johnson Sheryl BCFL Cook JohnsonS@bcreek.org
Jozwiak MaryLou BCFL Aide jozwiakm@bcreek.org
Kalina Darren BCFL, BCHS Teacher kalinad@bcreek.org
Kalina Jennifer BCHS Secretary kalinaj@bcreek.org
Katzinger Rebecca SBUS Sub Other katzingerr@bcreek.org
Kaufman Gale SUBS Sub Other kaufmang@bcreek.org
Keidel Kenneth SUBS Sub Other keidelk@bcreek.org
Keister Jennifer BCEL Social Worker keisterj@bcreek.org
Kempa Lisa BCHS, BCFL, SBUS Bus Driver kempal@bcreek.org
Kerns Crystal BCFL Aide kernsc@bcreek.org
Kettler Stacey BCPR, BCFL Teacher kettlers@bcreek.org
Kikta Michelle BCEL, BCPR Aide kiktam@bcreek.org
Kim Molly BCFL, BCEL, BCPR Teacher kimm@bcreek.org
Kindy Kathy SUBS, BCPR Sub Other kindyk@bcreek.org
King Jodi FOOD Cook kingj@bcreek.org
Kissane Justine BCEL Teacher kissanej@bcreek.org
Koch Hannah BCFL Teacher kochh@bcreek.org
Korson Jennifer BCFL Teacher korsonj@bcreek.org
Korson Spencer BCFL, BCMS, BCHS Media Specialis korsons@bcreek.org
Kowalski Jennifer BCFL Teacher kowalskij@bcreek.org
Krueger Alice BCPR Secretary kruegera@bcreek.org
Kyro Allison BCEL, BCPR, BCFL Teacher kyroa@bcreek.org
Lacey Kara BCFL, BCEL Teacher laceyk@bcreek.org
Landon Colleen BCFL, BCHS Teacher landonc@bcreek.org
Lashley James BCHS, BCFL, SBUS Bus Driver lashleyj@bcreek.org
Lashuay Kimberly BCFL Technology lashuayk@bcreek.org
Laughner Dale BCFL, BCMS Teacher laughnerd@bcreek.org
Leach Larry BLGD Substitute leachl@bcreek.org
Leboeuf Susan BCFL, SUBS Substitute leboeufs@bcreek.org
LeBoeuf-Brown Sarah BCFL, BCHS, BCMS Teacher leboeuf-browns@bcreek.org
Lichtenwald Samantha SUB LichtenwaldS@bcreek.org
Little Karlee Sub Sub littlek@bcreek.org
Lombard Magen BCFL, BCEL Teacher lombardm@bcreek.org
Long Jason BCFL, BCHS Counselor longj@bcreek.org
Luzar William BCHS Retiree luzarw@bcreek.org
MacLachlan Sarah BCFL, BCMS Teacher maclachlans@bcreek.org
Marcet Jaclyn SBUS Sub Other marcetj@bcreek.org
Marquardt Debra SUBS Sub Other marquardtd@bcreek.org
Martin Elijah BCHS Teacher martine1@bcreek.org
Martin Erin BCFL, BCHS Teacher martine@bcreek.org
Martin Jessica BCFL Aide martinj@bcreek.org
Martin Robert BLGD Custodial martinr@bcreek.org
Mashue Henry BCMS, BCFL, BCEL, SBUS Substitute mashueh@bcreek.org
Mason Troy BCFL Teacher masont@bcreek.org
McCaffrey Beverly BCMS Secretary mccaffreyb@bcreek.org
Mccallum Faith BCPR Aide mccallumf@bcreek.org
Mcgraw Aleshia SUBS Sub Other mcgrawa@bcreek.org
McGuire Carri BCFL Teacher mcguirec@bcreek.org
McGuire Timothy BCFL, BCHS Teacher mcguiret@bcreek.org
McIntyre Georgette BCHS SUBS mcintyreg@bcreek.org
McLaughlin Loraine BCHS, BCMS Aide mclaughlinl@bcreek.org
Mealback Aricka BCFL Teacher mealbacka@bcreek.org
Meeker Kip BLGD Custodial meekerk@bcreek.org
Meyer Ashley BCFL, BCHS, BCMS Teacher meyera@bcreek.org
Mikkola Robin BCFL, SBUS Sub Other mikkolar@bcreek.org
Mikusko Vicki BCHS Director mikuskov@bcreek.org
Miller Jody BCFL, BCPR Teacher millerj@bcreek.org
Miller Tasa BCHS, BCFL, SBUS Bus Driver millert@bcreek.org
Milligan Jason BCHS Teacher milliganj@bcreek.org
Molina Karrie BCFL Teacher molinak@bcreek.org
Monville Aimee BCEL Aide monvillea@bcreek.org
Moody Mary BCHS Aide moodym@bcreek.org
Morse Michael BCFL Aide morsem@bcreek.org
Moses Curtis BCFL, BCMS Principal mosesc@bcreek.org
Moses Jamie BCPR, BCFL Teacher mosesj@bcreek.org
Moulton Lauren SUBS, BCFL Sub Other moultonl@bcreek.org
Moulton Mary BCHS, BCFL, SBUS Bus Driver moultonm@bcreek.org
Murray Dana BCFL, BCHS Teacher murrayd@bcreek.org
Murray Justen SUBS Sub Other murrayj@bcreek.org
Murray Mark SBUS Bus Mechanic murraym@bcreek.org
Nagel Jennifer BCFL, BCMS Teacher nagelj@bcreek.org
Napoli Mary BCFL, BCPR Teacher napolim@bcreek.org
Nestle Ryan BLGD Maintenance nestler@bcreek.org
Neuenfeldt Julie BCHS Secretary neuenfeldtj@bcreek.org
Newman Kyle BCMS, BCHS, SBUS Bus Driver newmank@bcreek.org
Newman Paul BCHS, BCFL, SBUS Bus Driver newmanp@bcreek.org
Noack Michelle BLGD Custodial NoackM@bcreek.org
O’Hora Melanie BCHS, BCFL Aide ohoram@bcreek.org
Olinger Kenneth BCFL, BCHS Teacher olingerk@bcreek.org
Osborne Phyllis BCFL, SUBS Retiree osbornep@bcreek.org
Owen Cheryl BCFL Retiree owenc@bcreek.org
Paris Chrystal BCFL, BCEL Teacher parisc@bcreek.org
Parsons Mandy BCHS, BCMS Teacher parsonsm@bcreek.org
Pelton Ray BLGD Custodial peltonr@bcreek.org
Pelton Tina BCEL Secretary peltont@bcreek.org
Pfeiffer John BCFL, BCMS Teacher pfeifferj@bcreek.org
Pierce Julie BCHS Director piercej@bcreek.org
Pincumbe Judy SUBS Sub Other pincumbej@bcreek.org
Pitt Mark BLGD Maintenance pittm@bcreek.org
Pobocik Theresa BCEL, BCFL Aide pobocikt@bcreek.org
Pollard Asia SBUS Sub Other pollarda@bcreek.org
Poole Tracey BCFL, BCHS Teacher poolet@bcreek.org
Porcaro Sarah BCMS Cook porcaros@bcreek.org
Pretzer Christina BCEL, BCPR, BCFL Teacher pretzerc@bcreek.org
Proudfoot Gregory SBUS Sub Other proudfootg@bcreek.org
Rau Robin BCFL Aide raur@bcreek.org
Reid Kimberly BCFL, BCEL, BCPR Teacher reidk@bcreek.org
Reinke Frank BCHS, BCFL, SBUS Retiree reinkef@bcreek.org
Reinke Kendra BCFL, FOOD Cook reinkek@bcreek.org
Reinke Nicolette BCEL Technology reinken@bcreek.org
Rinn Julie BCFL, BCMS, BCHS Teacher rinnj@bcreek.org
Rogers Kelly BCHS, BCFL, SBUS Bus Driver rogersk@bcreek.org
Rogers William BLGD Director rogersw@bcreek.org
Rooker Janet BCEL Aide rookerj@bcreek.org
Rowe Lacy BCFL Aide rowel@bcreek.org
Rutterbush Michael BCFL, BCEL, BCPR, BCMS Teacher rutterbushm@bcreek.org
Rytlewski Connie BCHS, BCFL, SBUS Bus Driver rytlewskic@bcreek.org
Sawicki Patricia BCFL, BCHS Teacher sawickip@bcreek.org
Schaible Colette BLGD Custodial SchaibleC@bcreek.org
Schroeder Nathan BCHS, BCFL Aide schroedern@bcreek.org
Schroeder Sara BCFL Teacher schroeders@bcreek.org
Schroeder Theresa BCEL, BCPR, BCFL, BCMS Teacher schroedert@bcreek.org
Schweigert Ronald BCFL, BCEL Aide schweigertr@bcreek.org
Scott Joseph BLGD Custodial scottj@bcreek.org
Seckinger Juanita BCFL Cook seckingerj@bcreek.org
Shaffner Gary BCFL, BCHS Teacher shaffnerg@bcreek.org
Sharp Carolyn BCHS, BCFL, SBUS Bus Driver sharpc@bcreek.org
Shattuck Cheryl FOOD Cook shattuckc@bcreek.org
Shields Kevin BCFL, BCHS, BCMS Teacher shieldsk@bcreek.org
Short Tammy BCPR Sub Other shortt@bcreek.org
Sieffert Karen BCPR, BCMS Secretary sieffertk@bcreek.org
Simms Tiffany BCEL Sub Other simmst@bcreek.org
Smith Daniel BCHS, BCPR, SUBS Substitute smithd@bcreek.org
Smith Jennifer BCFL Teacher smithj@bcreek.org
Snell Crystal BCPR, BCFL Teacher snellc@bcreek.org
Southwell Erin BCFL, BCEL, BCPR Teacher southwelle@bcreek.org
Spann Ashley BCEL, BCPR Aide spanna@bcreek.org
Speaker Jillian BCEL Aide speakerj@bcreek.org
Spencer Danyelle SUBS, BCFL Sub Other spencerd@bcreek.org
Spitnale Bethann SUBS Substitute spitnaleb@bcreek.org
Spyker Darlene BCHS Aide spykerd@bcreek.org
St John Samuel SUBS Sub Other stjohns@bcreek.org
Stanek Linda BCFL Aide stanekl@bcreek.org
Stevens Jodie BCFL Teacher stevensj@bcreek.org
Stevens Susan SUBS Sub Other stevenss@bcreek.org
Steverson Alanna BCFL Aide steversona@bcreek.org
Stjohn Laynette BCEL Secretary stjohnl@bcreek.org
Stoney Nicole BCFL Aide stoneyn@bcreek.org
Swanson Carla BCFL Aide swansonc@bcreek.org
Sweebe Patricia BCFL, BCHS Teacher sweebep@bcreek.org
Taglauer Lisa BCPR Retiree taglauerl@bcreek.org
Tetu Pamela BCMS Aide tetup@bcreek.org
Tisdale Jason Auditorium tisdalej@bcreek.org
Tomko Dennis BCEL Principal tomkod@bcreek.org
Tree Ruth SUBS Sub Other treer@bcreek.org
Tripp Kathy FOOD Cook trippk@bcreek.org
Valley Jeramey BCHS Manager valleyj@bcreek.org
Vance Lauren BCPR Teacher vancel@bcreek.org
VanCise Patrick BCFL, BCPR Teacher vancisep@bcreek.org
VanConant Sherrie FOOD Manager vanconants@bcreek.org
VanNorman Brenda BCPR Aide vannormanb@bcreek.org
VanOchten Cynthia BCFL, BCMS Teacher vanochtenc@bcreek.org
Vessell Staci BCMS Intern vessells@bcreek.org
Wade Kristin SUB wadek@bcreek.org
Wallace Marcella BCMS Aide wallacem@bcreek.org
Walle Benjamin BCEL Aide walleb@bcreek.org
Walters Kathy BCEL, BCPR, BCFL Media Specialis waltersk@bcreek.org
Wardell Nick BCFL, BCMS Teacher wardelln@bcreek.org
Waskevich Debra SBUS Bus Dispatcher waskevichd@bcreek.org
Watkins Kendra BCEL Sub Other watkinsk@bcreek.org
Watz-Otey Tamara BCFL, BCPR Teacher watz-oteyt@bcreek.org
Wauldron Gerard BCFL, BCHS, BCMS Teacher wauldrong@bcreek.org
Wayer Christine BCFL Sub Other wayerc@bcreek.org
Wentz Kristi BCFL, SUBS Sub Other wentzk@bcreek.org
Wenzel Beth BCFL Aide wenzelb@bcreek.org
Wenzel Megan BCFL Aide wenzelm@bcreek.org
Wheeler Kimberly SUBS Sub Other wheelerk@bcreek.org
White Jeffrey BCHS, BCFL, BCPR, SBUS Bus Driver whitej@bcreek.org
White Sarah BCFL Teacher whites@bcreek.org
Whittington George BCFL, BCMS Teacher whittingtong@bcreek.org
Willsie Debra BCFL, BCMS Retiree willsied@bcreek.org
Wissner Dana BCFL Teacher wissnerd@bcreek.org
Wittbrodt Dawn BCFL, BCMS Teacher wittbrodtd@bcreek.org
Woods Jennifer BCFL, BCEL Teacher woodsj@bcreek.org
Wright William BCFL Teacher wrightw@bcreek.org
Yager Bryan BCFL Aide yagerb1@bcreek.org
Yager Krista BCFL Aide yagerk@bcreek.org
Yarger Shelly BCHS Pay & Ben Clk yargers@bcreek.org
Youngstrom Ashley BCPR, BCFL Teacher youngstroma@bcreek.org
Yurgaites Nathan SBUS Sub Other yurgaitesn@bcreek.org
Zeitz Michaela BCEL Aide zeitzm@bcreek.org

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