Beginning Band

Getting the ball rolling:
Bullock Creek has a great band program with remarkable performances, an excellent reputation, and great numbers of students who join and continue to be members of our fantastic band program. Studies show that students who study and practice music have all around higher aptitudes and do better academically.

Students involved in music are also taught a high level of cooperation and self-discipline and are less likely to engage in negative behaviors.

Students who are interested in joining the band will have a chance to fill out an enrollment form in early spring of their fifth grade year to join band in sixth grade.  If they decide to enroll, they will have an instrument fitting appointment, also in the spring.  Even if the student thinks they know what instrument they wish to play, we request that they still have an instrument fitting appointment.  This instrument fitting helps to ensure students start on an instrument that is not a physical mismatch. In preparation, students are asked to think of a 1st choice and a 2nd choice instrument they think they would like to play.

At the fitting, the students will have a chance to try different instruments under the supervision of a former band teacher who will observe how the student most naturally adapts to the instruments.  They will make a recommendation for an instrument choice – and sometimes an instrument to stay away from if it appears difficult for the student.  This helps establish the best chances for success.  This service is provided by Marshall Music Company.  The evaluator will be in contact with Mrs. Bossenberger regarding each student and what instrument they recommend.

The evaluator will contact all students interested in joining band to set up the fitting appointment at the Middle School Band Room.  Parents are encouraged to attend and observe the process as well. Feel free to ask any questions you may have at this fitting.  The Marshall Music representative will also make available information on their instrument rental/purchase program.  You don’t have to rent or buy from Marshall, but please take advantage of the fitting as part of the whole beginning band process.

Students should have instrument choices made by the end of their fifth-grade school year.  You may acquire an instrument though Marshall Music or any source you wish.  Other sources are Herter Music in Bay City, used instruments, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Amazon – or, if needed, there may be a possibility of using a school instrument for a small fee.  Please be careful about the (made in China) brands being sold at local big merchandizing outlets.  They are not well made and repair technicians often will refuse to repair them due to their low quality.  A brand-name, used instrument in good condition is an excellent choice if you can find one that falls into the instrument fitting recommendation range of choices.  If you need help evaluating a used instrument, contact Mrs. Bossenberger at or (989) 631-2418, ext. 1523.  She will be glad to take a look.

Timetable for prospective fifth grade beginning band students:

  • Early-March – Learn about beginning band

  • Mid-March – Return Enrollment Forms Mid to Late-March – Instrument Fittings

  • March – August 1 – Acquire an Instrument

  • Mid-August – Attend Beginning Band Summer Camp Sessions (3 days, Monday through Wednesday)

  • September – School Starts – Welcome to Band!