Online-Only Parent/Student Help and Contact Information

Dear Parents,
Thank you for your patience as we work through this first week of online school through Edgenuity and the speed bumps we’ve hit so far.

Workbooks for K-5 students: If you have not received your hard copy materials, please contact our technical help line and indicate your in need of those items. A phone call has been made asking you to press “1” if you are needing these materials, you only need to respond to one of these requests.

Technical Help:
If you are unable to login to Edgenuity, have a problem with the computer provided by the District or a similar technical question, or one that Edgenuity is unable to answer, please contact the Bullock Creek Technical Support Department at or at 989-698-3250. Email is encouraged. The more information you can provide, including student name and description of the issue, the faster we can find a solution.

Teacher Help:
If you have a question on a class, a concept or an item related to the learning process, please contact your student’s Edgenuity Teacher.

1. Edgenuity Teacher: Log in as the student, click on Course Information on the left side. There are buttons for each course being taken, clicking on one of those will show the contact information for the Edgenuity Teacher including email, phone and most have a link that can be used to schedule time for direct instructional support. Clicking the “email teacher” link will bring up a new window you can create the message with.
2. Bullock Creek Mentor Teacher: Log in as student, click on Mentor Information on the left side. The mentor teacher will be listed with a phone and email contact. Click the “email mentor” link to create a new message to them.

Message Center will contain the replies that are sent back to your student.

If a contact is made outside of Edgenuity, the student’s GMail account will need to be accessed. There are shortcuts to this the student’s google page. will also take them directly there.

Teacher – Student Communication and Assistance: Every student is provided with a teacher from Edgenuity. These teachers are state certified instructors and will guide your online learner through their online learning classes. You should have received an email from your child’s online teacher. In that letter they provided their email. Please contact your online teacher for assistance. They can help clarify a concept, help to modify something you are having trouble with, or guide you in completing an assignment. These teachers are there to help you! Do not hesitate to communicate with them. All online teachers through Edgenuity are willing to set aside time to conference with your child. Feel free to take advantage of this service. We want you to be successful! Elective Classes at Kindergarten through 5th Grade All students have been assigned 6 classes at the elementary level. Four of these classes are what are called Core Classes. These would be English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. These classes are essential. The other two classes have been provided for parents and students to use at your discretion. These classes offer a multitude of activities that can allow your child to explore topics in music, art, or physical education. Feel free to modify these courses at your discretion. Much concern over materials required for the art classes or other electives has been expressed to the school district. Please understand that the completion of these elective classes is not contingent for your child to move forward to the next grade level. These classes are there for those that wish to make use of them. Parents may feel free to skip some activities that they do not feel their child would not enjoy or may simply be too difficult for them. Simply let your Edgenuity teacher know that at this time you are not choosing to do some of the elective activities. This is absolutely fine. Materials When you opened your classes at the elementary level you were presented with a large number of requested materials. Most of these materials were for the elective classes. Again, the activities for the elective classes are not mandatory. Please do not feel that you need to go out and purchase a bunch of supplies. You may find, however, that some of your core classes may make a specific material recommendation. If you do not have access to those materials please simply email the Edgenuity teacher and ask them for an alternative. We have spoken to Edgenuity and they have expressed that this is completely acceptable.

Information will be forthcoming on how to use the built-in camera on a District-provided chromebook to upload work that was completed off line.