The Bullock Creek Schools participate in Michigan Career Pathways and Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling programs.

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Career Pathways
Career Pathways in the Bullock Creek Schools provide students with a focus and foundation for their learning experiences that not only meet their academic potential and career interests, but lead to lifelong learning and achievement.

Career Pathways are six broad groupings of careers that share similar characteristics and whose employment requirements call for many common interests, strengths, and competencies.  The groupings encompass the entire spectrum of career options, providing opportunities for all students and all ability levels.  Within each Pathway, students may select a sequence of courses which provides both focus and direction for their learning experience.

The six Career Pathways are:

  • Arts & Communication

  • Business, Management, Marketing and Technology

  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

  • Health Sciences

  • Human Services & Education

  • Natural Resources and Agriscience

At Bullock Creek High School, students are able to select a Pathway and then create an individual plan for their four high school years.  Students work individually with a counselor to create a specific and unique four year plan, also known as an Education Development Plan (EDP).

Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling
The Bullock Creek Schools Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program assures that all students, over a lifetime, will:

  • Learn to Learn

  • Learn to Work

  • Learn to Live

Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling is an integral part of the education program that relies on the cooperation and support of students, parent(s)/families, teachers, administrators, support staff, and the community.  The curriculum for this program has three content areas:

  • Educational Planning

  • Knowledge of Self and Others

  • Career Exploration and Development

Students and Parents can get help in making informed education and career decisions by checking out the recently updated Pathfinder, Michigan's online career exploration tool that allows users to explore in-demand careers and the degree credentials needed to pursue them. Go to

A counselor helps students, parents, staff, and members of the community by:

  • Developing programs that promote a healthy life-style and build a positive school climate

  • Presenting classroom lessons on such issues as personal growth, self-esteem, and substance abuse

  • Teaching students important skills such as goal-setting, effective communication, and time management

  • Consulting with parents and teachers to help students have a successful school experience

  • Advising students on class selections and academic opportunities

  • Promoting career education and helping students plan for their future

Counseling is a personal and private interaction between a professionally trained counselor and a student or a small group of students. Counselors strive to help students explore their thoughts, goals, and behaviors, which can add to increased insight and understanding of themselves. A counselor helps students individually and in small groups with academic, career, and personal concerns. The focus of school counseling is to provide short-term, solution-based assistance. When necessary, parents or guardians will be encouraged to utilize outside agencies for more ongoing student support. Counseling meetings are scheduled by appointment during school hours. A student may stop by the counseling office to request a meeting with his/her counselor. A pass will be sent out to the student with the date and time of the appointment. Parents may schedule a meeting with the counselor by contacting the counseling office (989-631-2340) to set up a mutually convenient time. 

When a student shares information, it will remain confidential unless:

  • The student informs the counselor of neglect, abuse, or another violation of the Child Protection Act.

  • The student and/or the counselor determine that the information needs to be shared with a parent, a guardian, or an agency.

  • The counselor is concerned that the student may cause harm to self or others.

  • The counselor has been directed by a judge to inform the court.

When a teacher or a parent shares information regarding a student with a counselor, this information will be used and shared with appropriate school personnel only with consent to assist the student’s functioning in school.

Contact Us:

  • Jolene Bjorge, Pine River Elementary Social Worker, 989-631-5121 ext.1207 or

  • Jennifer Brown, High School Counselor,

    989-631-2418 ext.1507 or

  • Annette Clapp, Bullock Creek Elementary Social Worker, 989-832-8691 ext.1120 or

  • Kristie Clark, Floyd Elementary Counselor, 989-832-2081 ext.1307 or

  • Jackie Fermoyle, Middle School Counselor, 989-698-3202 ext.1407 or

  • Amy Slabaugh, High School Counselor, 989-631-2418 ext.1533 or 

  • Christi Jean, High School Administrative Assistant, 989-631-2418 ext.1509 or